Wednesday, July 7, 2010


"When God speaks it is with a whisper. This is Grace and Love."  - Christina Ottersberg, DDS, Midlothian, Virginia


"I believe all can live God’s word magnificently, extraordinarily and exceptionally….why not?

I know I have been mocked for hearing “heavenly voices”…. that doesn’t bother me…. I know one can’t live God’s word without listening, hearing and tuned in to His Speaking.

In the beginning the Word was spoken…at the other end there needs to be a receiving….a hearing of that word. When God’s word is received it creates something within….and when we speak those words back to others that is an extension of His word and that creates magnificence!

I have realized that I just need to fine tune my receiving organ so that I can clearly hear and understand the words spoken to make a positive impact to others." - Clayton A. Chan, DDS, Las Vegas, NV


"Live God's word so magnificently that only occasionally will you need to speak of it." - Dr. Scott Tamura, Marina Del Ray, CA

Saturday, August 9, 2008

French Riviera - Monoco, July 2008

Physiologic Rest goes beyond a dental neuromuscular concept, but rather it is a life style that the student in time will recognize as an important part of his/her life. Without homeostasis (physiologic neutral) within one's spirit, soul and body one will only appreciate this aspect as a dental teaching, but should take it to its next level of reality as a means to experience life as inner healing and relaxation.

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